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Pheromone Cologne

Pheromone Cologne Containing Androstenone for Love, Money, and Power

Thinking of using pheromone cologne to attract women? Like anything else you do to attract women, men's pheromones, called androstenone is just another factor that improves your chances. And if you spend money on clothes and going out to bars and clubs to attract women, you may want to consider an investment in pheromone cologne. They can make every dollar you spend work harder for you.

But pheromone cologne won't solve all your problems. If you're outta' shape, not-so-great looking, and a lousy dresser with bad breath who acts like an ASS whenever you're around a woman, it's not going to make all women magically fall in love with you instantly—but you'll probably still have a better chance using pheromones to attract women than you would without.

Pheromone cologne won't make that girl across the room walk up and say, "I want you." BUT when you find yourself with an opportunity to start a conversation with a woman, you'll have a better chance of getting a positive response. Pheromones are something that improves your odds. So how can you use pheromones to attract women?

So What Is Androstenone Pheromone?

Male pheromones, called Androstenone, are chemicals our bodies produce to checmically communicate with members of the opposite sex. These chemicals are released through sweat on the skin, where they evaporate into the air and are sensed by receptors in the female nose, called the vomeronasal organ (VNO). These receptors are separate from the olfactory system used in normal sense of smell. Instead, this sense is received and interpreted subconsciously. There is no actual scent to pheromones.

Commercial researchers have developed a variety of products, including colognes and oils, containing Androstenone pheromone designed to attract women. Most pheromone colognes, oils and concentrates produced by reputable manufacturers come with a money-back guarantee.

And if you fear these manufacturers are bottling sweat from men in Bangladesh to market to desperate, lonely guys here in the United States, you have nothing to fear. While it's quite possible that you are lonely and desperate, most of the products on the market are synthetic versions of these pheromones—you won't be wearing someone else's sweat.

Women are always thinking about stuff; over-analyzing and wondering about all the what-ifs—and let's not forget all the things that, at least to guys, seem like head games. All this over-analytical girl stuff tends to screw up your chances for a positive outcome. You need to do something that bypasses the thinking part of the female brain and goes straight to the part that see things the way you do. Alcohol is one well-known way to do this, and pheromones are another. And coupled together...well, I'm sure you can imagine.

Pheromone Cologne and the Pick Up

This is what most people think of when they think of the advantages of using pheromones to attract women. You're out, hoping to meet someone new. And it's true that pheromone cologne will help you here. But pheromones are not a magic potion that will make any woman find you attractive. It won't cancel out poor wardrobe choices or that look of desperation as your head crains back and forth scanning the scene. But pheromones can turn a "proably not" into a "maybe" (or a "no way in hell" into a "probably not").

Pheromone Cologne on a First or Second Date

Pheromone colognes and oils are not just helpful when trying to pick up a girl; pheromones are useful on a first or second date. And while she may think you're good enough for a date, chances are you're hoping for more than that. If you're going to put all the time, effort and money into ensuring your odds are as high as possible—you know, like making dinner reservations, wearing your coolest clothes, brushing your teeth and wearing deoderant—you should think about using pheromones too.

Pheromone Cologne and Your Social Network

Pheromone cologne doesn't work exclusively on women you don't know, it works on "friends" too. We all know how frustrating it can be to be attracted to someone who considers you to be a "friend"—and you've probably even heard the line, "I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship." You know at this point she's overthinking things. Use pheromone cologne to bypass the thinking part of her brain and get through to the more male-like, reptilian part of her brain.

The History of Pheromone Research

Scientists started to focus on human pheromones back in the '80s. But it wasn't until the '90s that researchers considered it a scientific fact. They had previously known that pheromones were used a number of animals ranging from moths to pigs to chemically comminucate with members of the opposite sex. Researchers suspected humans used pheromones to chemically communicate sexual matters, but there was no conclusive proof.

Then, researchers started investigating an interesting phenomenon: Women synchronize their menstrual cycles when they spend a lot of time around each other. Researchers investigated and found that women were chemically communicating their cycles to one another using pheromones.

Some leading researchers think that perhaps one day these synthetic pheromones will be used to treat depression, fertility problems, and menstrual irregularity. But right now, their main use is as an over-the-counter remedy for sexual frustration.

Pheromone Cologne and Revenge

You want to make that ex-girlfriend who dumped you eat her heart out. At one point, she found you attractive. Then, she decided you weren't the right one. My advice: Hang out with her—as a friend—and wear some pheromones. When she begins to warm up tell her you've figured out a lot of things since you dated and one of them is that she's not good enough for you. Or start talking about some other girl—even better, some other girl she knows. After all, you've already been with her. Time to move on.

If you have decided you actually do want her back (By the way, what are you thinking?! Things end for a reason and there are so many other girls out there.), pheromone cologne could help you get things warmed up again—just make sure that's not the only thing that has changed since you dated.

Pheromone Cologne in the Workplace

Women have been using their sexuality in the workplace to their advantage since the invention of work—there's a reason they call it "the oldest profession." Now, it's your turn. Women have been in peer and superior positions with men for some time now—a trend that continues to grow. And it's a trend you can use to your advantage. To help get your way at work, try using male pheromones to gain influence among these co-workers, building a coalition through male chemistry.

Pheromone Cologne in the Bedroom

Many men report more animalistic, physical experiences in the bedroom (or backseats of their cars, public bathroom stalls...the list goes on and on.) when using pheromone cologne containing adrostenone. If your sex life is as flat as a hockey rink, give pheromone cologne a try.

Where to buy Pheromone Cologne

After researching 14 different pheromone retailers, Love Scent (Open in New Window) appears to be the place to buy pheromones to attract women. Of the 14 retailers reviewed, Love Scent was the most impressive with a 100% money-back guarantee and customers' product reviews. With something like pheromones, it's reassuring to learn which products customers found most effective.

Hopefully, with some of these tactics, you see how it's possible to achieve better living through pheromones. If pheromones were a magic elixir, everyone would use them. But they aren't. Instead, they're just another tool in your arsenal, which also includes you're looks, clothing, humor and charm, to have a happy love life.

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