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Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

A Map to the Minefield of the Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

The symbolic meaning of flowers? Just when you thought, "How could I go wrong by sending flowers?" you learn that giving your girlfriend flowers is more complicated than you ever would have thought. Different flowers actually have different symbolic meanings (huh?!?!). And you know this wasn't a guy's idea. Only women could needlessly complicate something as simple as flowers.

You thought sending flowers was the simple, can't-go-wrong solution to making your girlfriend happy. You thought flowers were a panacea to all your girlfriend woes—a silver bullet through the heart of the werewolf we know as a woman's scorn. Get online. Find some nice flowers. Choose a delivery option. Check out. Five minutes to a happy girlfriend. But, as is usually the case with girls, it goes deeper and weirder than that.

Symbolic Meaning of Flowers: Getting Out of Trouble

You probably stared too long at some other girl's breasts on the beach, or went on a fishing trip with your buddies, forgetting it was your three-and-half monthiversary—and now you need to send flowers to save your ass...and fast! She is in a hypercritical frame of mind, and she is not going to make this easy for you. So don't screw it up. Choose flowers with the right symbolic meaning.

Flower: Hyacinth
Symbolic Meaning: Forgive Me (or "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I swear I'll never do it again—whatever it was I did. I don't know what that is, but if you tell me, I won't do it again.").

Flower: Daffodil
Symbolic Meaning: You're the Only One ( far as you know).

Flower: Primrose
Symbolic Meaning: No Life Without You (when you really, really screwed up).

Flower: Baby's Breath
Symbolic Meaning: A Pure Heart, Sincerity (throw in a little Baby's Breath to show her that you really mean it).

Symbolic Meaning of Flowers: Love 'n Stuff

Girls love "Love"—even more than they love flowers. The proliferation of romantic comedies and other chick flicks is proof enough. A movie about a guy who is head-over-heels in love with some woman is the girl's equivalent of a movie filled with car chases and gunfights.

Personally, I don't know why they bother to make these into movies—the operative idea behind the word "movie" being "to move." It's just a bunch of people talking about relationships, and usually the guy does all these wussy things that make the rest of us look bad. But I digress...

There are a number of flowers with symbolic meanings for many of the esoteric scenarios in which love puts us.

Flower: Aster
Symbolic Meaning: Talisman of Love (What the hell is a "talisman" anyway?)

Flower: White Carnation
Symbolic Meaning: Pure and Ardent Love

Flower: Red Crysanthemum
Symbolic Meaning: I Love You

Flower: Forget-me-not
Symbolic Meaning: True Love

Flower: Globe Aramanth
Symbolic Meaning: Unfading Love

Flower: Lilac
Symbolic Meaning: First True Love

Flower: Primrose
Symbolic Meaning: Young Love

Flower: Red Tulip
Symbolic Meaning: You are the Perfect Lover, Perfect Love

Symbolic Meaning of Flowers: Other Romantic Notions

Sometimes you need to be romantic, but "love" may not be quite the right sentiment. Well, the botanical world has options for you there too.

Flower: Hibiscus
Symbolic Meaning: Delicate Beauty

Flower: Rosebud
Symbolic Meaning: Beauty and Youth

Flower: Pink Carnation
Symbolic Meaning: You're Unforgettable

Flower: Larkspur (Delphenium)
Symbolic Meaning: An Open Heart, Passion

Flower: Sweet Pea (Yes, it's a flower—don't give her peas.)
Symbolic Meaning: Thinking of You

Flower: Jonquil
Symbolic Meaning: Affection is Returned

Flower: Verbena
Symbolic Meaning: You May Get Your Wish

Symbolic Meaning of Flowers: Modesty

Don't know how anyone ever scored points by being overtly modest, but for some reason, the symbolic meaning of flowers includes a few options along the lines of this theme. My advice: Don't bother with it, but here's the info anyway. If nothing else, here are some flowers to avoid.

Flower: Yellow Jasmine
Symbolic Meaning: Modesty

Flower: Lily of the Valley
Symbolic Meaning: Humbleness and Humility

Flower: Trilium
Symbolic Meaning: Modesty in Ambition, Hope (as in, "I'll never own a Porche, but someday I hope to drive something nicer than a Corolla.")

Flower: Violet
Symbolic Meaning: Modesty and Simplicity

Then, there are a couple of flowers with the opposite symbolic meaning.

Flower: Narcissis
Symbolic Meaning: Self-Confidence

Flower: Sunflower
Symbolic Meaning: Pride

Symbolic Meaning of Flowers: Friendship

Then there are a few flowers that are good to give someone you're not interested in, or not interested in anymore:

Flower: White Jasmine
Symbolic Meaning: Amiability (Don't let the door hit you in the ass.)

Flower: Zinnia
Meaning: Thoughts of Far-Away Friends (as in, "This long distance thing isn't working out. I have some action down the block now. But keep in touch.")

The list goes on and on. It seems for every flower nature created, a person (with too much time on her hands) attached a meaning to it. Many of the romantic sentiments conveyed by flowers seem old-fashioned and out of date by today's fast, cheap, and easy standards—but women still like this stuff. All guys can do is accept it, and try to use it to their advantage as well as they can.

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