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Birthday Gift for Girlfriend

Looking for a Birthday Gift for Girlfriend? We have advice and birthday gift ideas for you.

Finding a birthday gift for your girlfriend can be a difficult. And you're in it alone. Unlike other gift-giving events, your buddies aren't facing same challenge right now. There should be a Birthday Gift for Girlfriend Anonymous support group, or a birthday gift idea for girlfriend crisis hotline for guys in your position. But there isn't. So you turned to the internet, searching for "Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend" or "Birthday Gift for Girlfriend," and now you're here.

Well, you've come to the right place. This page contains a bunch of great gift ideas to make you look like a genius. The nice thing about birthday gifts is that they don't have to be too romantic—save your romantic ideas for Valentine's day and anniversaries. While this article contains some romantic gift ideas, there is more emphasis placed on birthday gift ideas she'll love, even though they aren't symbolic, romantic, or any of that.

Birthday Gift for Girlfriend: Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas

A birthday gift for girlfriend doesn't have to be very romantic. You're better off saving those really romantic gift ideas for Valentine's day or your anniversary. Instead, consider a plan that involves a bigger, less romantic gift idea with some smaller, more affordable, romantic birthday gift ideas for girlfriend.

Birthday Gift for Girlfriend: Chocolate

They say when a woman eats chocolate, the chemical reation in the brains is similar to sex. That can't be true. Women seem to like chocolate even more than sex.

Whether women like chocolate more, less, or as much as sex, one thing is for sure—it makes a great birthday gift idea for girlfriend. Amid the vast array of chocolate gifts out there, one stands out from the crowd: truffles. If you don't know what your girlfriend's favorite chocolates are, pick up some truffles.

Birthday Gift for Girlfriend: Wine

Like chocolate, women love wine. More to the point, they love the fantasy of wine. They think of wine as the drink of the elite. By drinking wine, they are transported to a different life. A life of sophistication and elegance. Of course, you and I know that wine is just expensive, flat, grape beer. But there's no sense in arguing. Instead, use it to your advantage by getting her a bottle of wine as a birthday gift for girlfriend.

And consider pairing wine with other birthday gift ideas such as wine glasses (if she doesn't already have a set that she loves) or a nice wine opener. And of course, wine and chocolate make a great combination birthday gift for girlfriend.

Birthday Gift for Girlfriend: Jewelry

"Jewlery?!" you think to yourself, "Yeah, that would be a great idea if I understood what my girlfriend likes?" Well, the trick to buying jewelry for your girlfriend is easier than you think with just a few minutes of homework.

This may sound incredibly obvious, but some guys need to be told...Look at the jewelry she already wears and buy something kind of like that. Believe it or not, it's a principal that many guys don't understand.

Don't buy something gold if she doesn't wear gold. If she wears big hoop earrings, shop around for big hoop earrings. She's not wearing anything that she doesn't like—unless you bought for her last birthday.

Determine whether she prefers jewelry that is ornate, or simple. If her jewelry is ornate, how is it ornate? Is there jewelry that she wears everyday, or only wears she's all dressed up? These are clues that help you know a great birthday gift for girlfriend when you see one.

By the way, don't buy anything that looks exactly like something she already has. Choose a gift hat is similar, but a little different. It's not thoughtful to copy something that she already has.

Birthday Gift for Girlfriend: Clothing

Although more expensive and complicated than jewelry, clothing follows the same principal. Buy clothing similar to what she wears—with one additional caveat: It's better to buy something that's too small than something that's too large.

Also, if you've ever shopped for jeans with a woman, you know women have a hard enough time finding pants that fit for themselves. My advice is to not even try selecting pants on your girlfriend's behalf —stick to shirts, jackets, and shoes.

Birthday Gift for Girlfriend: Electronic Gadgets

There are some electronic gadgets that make great birthday gifts for girlfriend.

Birthday Gift for Girlfriend: iPod

The iPod Nano is a great birthday gift idea for girlfriend for all but the biggest music lovers. The Nano's small stature is cool, convenient, and your girlfriend will it's "cute." Best of all, you can have it engraved for that personal touch.

But if your girlfriend is a serious music lover, size matters. She is likely to appreciate the larger storage capacity of a larger iPod model.

Birthday Gift for Girlfriend: Other Gadgets

Digital cameras and cell phones follow similar rules of coolness—smaller is better.

You'll know which birthday gift for girlfriend is right when you get excited by the thought of getting it for her. And price is no substitue for a thoughtful, personal gift idea. Don't settle. Keep shopping until you find a gift idea that excites you as much as you know it will excite her.

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