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The Art of Sending Cheap Flowers to Your Girlfriend

The flower is the reproductive part, or genitals, of the plant. And your girlfriend loves it when you have these parts cut off and delivered to her. Get more bang for your buck with these eight simple rules for sending your girlfriend the gift of flowers.

A cheap diamond engagement ring isn't a contradiction in terms. What you should know when shopping for a cheap diamond engagement ring.

The secret to buying a cheap diamond engagement ring is in understanding the difference between a quality and apparent quality. Everyone in the process is trying to get you to spend as much—or even more—than you can actually afford. Don't fall for it.

Looking for a Birthday Gift for Girlfriend? We have advice and birthday gift ideas for you.

Finding a birthday gift for your girlfriend can be difficult. And unlike Christmas and Valentin's day, you're in it alone. But SGA is here to help with great gift ideas to make you look like a genius.

Which Male Hair Loss Treatment is Best for You?

An essential men's grooming tips is understanding which male hair loss treatment is right for you. Hair transplant? Propecia? Minoxidil? All are covered here.

Pheromone Cologne Containing Androstenone for Love, Money, and Power

Researchers say pheromones will one day be used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions. Until that day their main use is as an over-the-counter remedy for sexual frustration.

Avoid the Common Mistakes in Writing Your Online Dating Profile—and Stand Out from the Crowd

Most online dating profiles make their authors sound like online dating robots! This article describes many of the common mistakes men make in writing their online dating profiles and what they should do about it.

Flexibility is the Ultimate Fasion Rule for Men's Clothing

Your clothes have everything to do with whether or not you get your foot in the door—and that's the first step in getting other parts of you in other places. And it doesn't have to be expensive. Forget the $900 shirts and $1500 watches that men's magazine's offer as fashion tips. Build a flexible—affordable—foundation of casual clothing options.

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